Shahin Fathi شاهین فتحی

Shahin Fathi Architect

شاهین فتحی Shahin Fathi 


Iranian Architect and Restaurant Designer.

Shahin Fathi (Persian: شاهین فتحی‎) (born August 15, 1984), is an Iranian Canadian architect, He is restaurant design specialist and known as the one who has designed the largest number of restaurants in the world.

He founded FATHI ARCHITECTS ® Studio in August 2006, With the aim of reviving what he sees as a restaurant for a loyal customer.

Beyond the application with conceptual design towards the expansion of organic environments with respect to the customer's wishes, to the direction where the customer returns for the soul of the space, not only hunger or satisfying physical needs, but also satisfying the soul needs unconsciously.

Fathi is the founder of a new and specialized profession called "Restaurant Design", as a new branch of specialized architecture.

Shahin Fathi who is the Senior architect of our collection:

* Co-Founder at FATHI ARCHITECTS Agu 2006 - Present "More than 14 yrs"

* Chairman of the board at NOVIN FORM MEMARI NIARESH Feb 2011 - Nov 2019 "8 yrs and 10 mos"

* Member of the board at NIARESH TARH AFAGH Sep 2007 - Nov 2014 "7 yrs and 3 mos"

* Bachelor of arts BA,Architecture 2007 - 2009 "Soore University of arts, Tehran, Iran".

* Associate of arts and sciences -AAS,Architecture 2005 - 2007 "Islamic Azad University - Roudehen Branch, Iran".

Shahin Fathi is known as one of the architects who has designed and constructed the largest number of restaurants in the world, He after successful designs in Iran for restaurant chain brands such as Superstar, KFC, Perprook, Albek, BBQ Chicken, Chiter Chicken, Murano and ect,

On behalf of IKFC Company in Iran "Superstar", started its cooperation with Yam International Food Company and today specializes in designing industrial kitchens and decorations with international standards for big brands such as:

KFC, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Chicken Tikka, Grand Café, Costa Café, Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme, Maestro, Baskin Robbins, Red Lobster, Fish Market, Longhorn Steak House, Fusion Asian Foods and Samadi 

WhatsApp contact number for FREELANCE :  +989124406228

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Shahin Fathi Architect

شاهین فتحی معمار