Architectural Engineering & Interior Design Co

Specialized in Designing and Constructing Restaurants

Fathi Architectural Group “ FATHI ARCHITECTS Company ”officially started its activity in the field of architecture and interior design ,  and specifically in the field of designing and constructing restaurants in 2003 . In the field of designing and constructing large food complexes , this group has always been active as a consultant and contractor at all project steps “ from feasibility analysis to inauguration” along with contractors and grand brand chain restaurants .

Fathi’s activities are as follows

A1. Designing industrial kitchens by applying updated international standards

A2. Designing interior decoration and project architectural atmosphere

A3. Computations and designing MEP plans “electrical and mechanical installations” MEP

A4. Project cost estimation

A5. Supplying required materials and implementing projects completely

After passing specialized training courses in the field of designing industrial kitchens in United Arab Emirates “Americana Group” (KFC,PIZZA HUT, HARDEE’S), the engineers of  Fathi Architectural Group have gained high capabilities and skills in the field of designing an industrial kitchen by applying international updated techniques and these trainings have developed to a specialty in the course of achieving experience by constructing more than 140 restaurants, food courts, café and fast foods .

There are some important health and safety criteria to be taken into consideration and observed in designing and constructing complexes for getting required ministry of health permits and from other related authorities , and also for providing the possibility of washing the place repeatedly as well as observing safety principles in designing and implementing electrical and mechanical systems such as earth and body protection systems in electrical panels, standard height of the plugs and gas pipes for each instrument and correct passages for installations that if they are not taken into consideration and observed they may lead to great disasters.

The main idea of Fathi Architectural Company in project designing and constructing is modern pragmatism theory so that everything should be in the direction of best performance of the complex which is in fact “offering best services to the customers and gaining highest sales” and this is why designing always starts from industrial kitchen which is the beating heart of the complex .

By considering different food concepts in different atmospheres we have been trying to apply architectural styles in accordance with those atmospheres such as modern, classic, postmodern, neo-modern, further more using durable and washable materials are among key points of Fathi Architecture Company.

By depending on their color psychology knowledge, artists and architects of Fathi Architectural Company select their desirable colors bravely and compose them so that they create a specific and unique architectural atmosphere by forming balanced compositions and using lights and shades.

The directors of FATHI ARCHITECTS try as hard as possible so that your familiarity with and referring to this company will be one of your best experiences .



Arash & Shahin Fathi .